Sage Center
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An Introduction

Nourish, Heal, Pamper

Sage-Center holdinng space for: Sage Holistic Health and Wellness Integrative Dynamics Heather’s Massage Soma Therapy and Nicole Haggerty, Health and Fitness Coach

Who We Are

Sage Center is committed to creating a community of those who help you heal, mind, body and spirit holistically and naturally. We have on staff: Massage Therapists - Reiki Practitioners - Herbalists - Reflexologists - Complementary Health Therapists - Life Coaches - Hypnotists - Past Life Therapists- Acupressure - Spiritual Care - and more! Office Hours We are open by appointment only. 541-304-5022 - PO Box 1176 2205 Adams Avenue, La Grande OR. Schedule Now Call or Text 541-304-5022 - 2205 Adams Avenue, La Grande OR.

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June Specials


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Ionic Footbath regular price $20 ea. Thru June Buy 5 $75 Henna regular price $15 ea. Thru June 15 minutes $5 Reiki regular price $65 ea. Thru June See Our Ad on Groupon