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Elle Hutchins, SNHS dip (Herbalism, Acupressure, Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Massage) and Reiki Master Elle Hutchins is a Complementary Health Therapist and Reiki Master with a training in Herbalism, Acupressure, Reflexology, Energy Healing and Spiritual Counseling. She currently works out of Sage Holistic Health and Wellness where she regularly teaches classes on herbalism, nutrition, wellness, reflexology, Reiki, and pain relieving strategies to live better, healthier, happier and a more fulfilling life. Classes, Seminars Workshops Writing Writing Elle has been writing most of her life, but began in earnest with the publication of her first poems in Quill books literary magazine in 1993 and has continued to to publish in magazines such as Oregon East and Poetic Hours. In addition to poetry Oregon East published her short story Two Taka and Eastern Oregon University produced her play Winestains, Buzzards, and Mother's-In-Law. Since then she has written more plays, some of which received scripted readings, then focues her attention to helping young playwrites realize their dreams, and helped the theater department in her schools by writing and facilitating plays, readers theaters, and running classes and workshops for students of all ages. through Art Center East, the City of La Grande Parks and Recreation Department, Marian Academy and Innovations Educational Services. Her other works of Fiction includes: Sasquatch:: A cautionary tale of one humble person's exploration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of scientific evidence, a title that works too hard. In her free time, she is working on a collection of short stories and a farsical mystery, the Cast of the Tiled Bandicoot, estimated date of release late 2019. Elle’s Non Fiction works include:: Medical Terminology, Pathology Workbook: A supplemental book for students of bodywork and massage therapy, House cleansing After Care and Conquer Your Cold coming out in 2019. Her blog Quiet Spaces can be found online. Education 2003 Bachelors of Science, Eastern Oregon University 2010 Masters in Elementary Education 2015 School of Natural Health Sciences, Complementary Health Therapy 2017 PHD in Natural Medicine (hiatus due to school closure) 2018 Acceptance into Doctoral program in Divinity, metaphysical sciences (the marriage of science and religion) Background and Training Elle began her professional life as a database programmer / analyst specializing in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and C++ based on the mathematics and computer science electives she took while at university. With the birth of her children, she decided to go into education so that she could spend more time with her family, and attended Grand Canyon University for her Masters in Elementary. After teaching for about 10 years, she retrained as first an Acupressurist / Reflexologyist, then fulfilled her life long dream of turning her herbal knowledge to formal study. She graduated as a Complementary Health Specialist from the School of Natural Health Sciences specializing in the areas of Acupressure, Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism, and Holistic Massage. She is currently working on credentialing in the area of Hypnosis while working towards her Doctorate in Divinity. Seven Skills for leading with confidence 2018 Leadership for Managers and supervisors 2018 Reiki III 2018 Reiki II 2018 Body scrub techniques 2018 Thai Massage Basics 2018 HIV and AIDS Relevant Information 2018 HIV and AIDS What you need to know 2018 Four Catalysts for becoming a great leader 2018 Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome 2018 Reiki I 2017 Easy Marketing Technology 2017 Hands on Help for Headaches 2017 Acupuncture from an Asian Perspective 2017 Health Care Provider CPR 2017 First Responder Training 2017 Dietetics 2017 Cupping 2016 Russian Honey Ginger Massage Techniques 2016 Beginning Ashiatsu 2016 Professional Membership International Institute for Complementary Therapists since 2016 American Herbalists Guild since 2016 International Metaphysical Practitioners Association since 2018 Testimonials Has Elle Hutchins helped you? Send your testimonial to sagewellliving@gmail.com
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