Esmina Evstropova LMT


Oregon Massage Therapy Licence # 20522 Esmina has helped me work through my chronic shoulder pain. She listened to me, and then worked along my spine and really helped to loosen the muscles. Thanks to Esmina, my shoulder, neck and back feels so much better. Thank you! - Elle H. La Grande Esmina worked on my back after I did some pretty intense remodeling in my house. I don’t know if I pulled a muscle or if I just was sore from doing the work itself, but whever the case, Esmina really helped the pain in my back to calm down. I really appreciate her being able to get me in quickly. Thank you Esmina. - Michael Esmina got rid of my headache, and helped me get rid of the tension in my neck. I did not even have to take any pain killers. Thanks. - MH Schedule with Esmina Today!
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