Esmina Evstropova LMT

Massage Therapy

Oregon Massage Therapy License # 20522 Florida Massage Therapy License # 92094 Esmina is a big believer in holistic healing, because she has seen the positive impact massage has had on her clients over the past 18 years. Massage Therapy is a powerful modality, with the potential to improve the quality of life and help mitigate the negative impact of stress and pain. She has seen first hand how massage promotes the self healing mechanism of our own bodies. Massage “has accomplished a great deal in my life and the lives of my clients. [I have] had great results in helping improve the lives of my clients with those having diabetes, various autoimmune problems, anxiety and posture problems, back and neck pain.

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Massage Therapy Benefits anti-aging balances hormones weight loss by boosting cellular metabolism breaks down the skin’s natural waxes and adipose tissue _relieves pain reduces stress improves muscle tone reduces anxiety by harmonizing the nervous system and so much much more Massage therapy alleviates migraine headaches - sciatica - tennis elbow - throasic outlet syndrom - low back pain - frozen shoulder - TMJ dysfunction - Carpal Tunnel syndrome - general pain - anxiety - nervous tension