Heather Preciado LMT

Heather Predciado LMT

Oregon LMT #16086

Massage Therapy

Heather graduated from the Blue Mountain School of the Healing Arts and has been practicing massage therapy for ten years. Her continual quest for learning has led her to be trained in Active Isolated Stretching, Thai Massage, Body Scrubs, Hydrotherapy, Body Wraps, Herbalism, and so much more. She believes that taking care of of your body is the most important thing you can do for your health, and that massage therapy is a powerful tool in your pain management arsenal.


Heather has been practicing Reiki for many years, and has achieved the level of Reiki Master this past July. Reiki is a non-denominational form of Energy healing that comes from Japan and is a powerful means to support relaxation, heal the body, mind and spirit.

Mental Medium and Shaman

Heather’s Shamanic journey began when she was small and in reaction to her ability to see and hear ghosts and other entities. Today she can connect to those who are stuck to help them cross over, and through a variety of techniques can help disconnect negative attachments, and help you find clarity in your day to day life.

Professional Works

Heather Preciado LMT co-wrote Pathology Workbook and has worked with Elle Hutchins to create a massage therapy apprenticeship program that we hope will soon be available in the state of Washington for those looking for a rigorous set of coursework to become a highly qualified, and highly trained massage therapist.

Continuing Education

2018 Reiki 3 Traditional Utsui Reiki 2018 Reiki 2 Traditional Utsui Reiki 2018 Inersistial Fascia Techniques 2018 Reconnective Therapy 2018 Thai Massage 2017 Trigger Point Therapy 2017 Myofascial Release 2017 Orthapaedic Massage 2017 Aarons Active Isolated Stretching for the whole body 2016 Herbalism 2016 Russian Honey Ginger
2016 Beginners Ashiatsu 2014 Myofascial Release 2014 Aarons Active Isolated Stretching for the Lower Body 2014 Cupping 2011 Nerve Touch Therapy 2010 Thai Massage 2009 Hot Stone Massage 2008 Reiki 1 - traditional Utsui Reiki
Testimonials Do you have a testimonial to share? Please email us at sagewellliving@gmail.com we would love to hear from you. February 2, 2019 For many years, I was struggling with depression esp after sudden loss of my husband and somehow I’ve met a lot of negative( manipulative greedy) people who have hurt me, which has caused me so much frustrations and pain that I carried with me for a long time. The smallest of things would make me blow up and I harbored a lot of hatred and grudges. Thankfully My dear friend Phil Neff referred me to you after two sessions chakra Cleansing I finally felt at peace "The New Me! "Heather did a personal cleansing online and the burden was lifted from my shoulders. Thank you so much ! Blessings! - Maria January 9, 2019 I first spoke with Heather when we were both on the safe Facebook page and she was offering Reiki healing. I didn’t know much about it at the time but asked for a healing. I was shocked with how much information Heather was picking up on. These things were using multiple issues in my life. At the time, it felt like all of my emotions were exaggerated. I would become angry easily and at times it would feel like the emotions weren’t mine. After Heather did her healing, it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Without me telling her how I was feeling she was able to tell me what was causing my issues. After a couple of healing sessions, I felt like I was back to my normal self! The information she gave me also helped me protect myself so I don’t get drug down like I had before. I definitely trust Heather and her abilities to give me accurate information and help me when needed. --- Christine December 23, 2018 Heather uses her gift to try to help other people. There are people out there with extraordinary gifts and she is one of them. I was always getting sick and always tired until she told me how the dead like to congregate around me as I am an untrained sensitive. They were asking for my help but I couldn’t hear them do I couldn’t help them. Heather moved them on so I am feeling much better. Trust this young lady to help because she really can help you! - Phil Neff December 19, 2018 Technically Distance Reiki was something I had never considered as a way to help me with a variety of chronic pain issues, stress management and episodes of insomnia. Thankfully one day Heather Preciado graciously and thoughtfully offered her services to a forum group we are both members of. I had heard of Reiki, but wasn’t very knowledgeable, I wasn’t even aware of the use of Distance Reiki. However, I requested to be added to the steadily growing list. I figured, “why not give it a shot? can’t hurt…” It was aazing to me, but after the first session, I had less pain and physically felt my body was less stressed. Since that session, every time Heather offers, I request to be included, and a always elated at the effects of her treatment. I include her mantra in my thoughts on a regular basis and and through are interaction, Heather has also recommended I include meditation in my days. Thanks to Heather’s assistance and advisement I am in less pain on a daily basis, absolutely dealing with and removing stress form my life and sleeping so much more peacefully. It was a blessing that Heather came into my world, thank you so much for everything. -Heidi Hanes, CA December 12, 2018 Heather and Elle, introduced me to Reiki healing with an incredibly powerful session. I highly recommend both Heather and Elle, and I encourage you to experience it. They were absolutely amazing!! Warm regards, Lynette