Kaitlyn Hoffman LMT

Holisic and Complementary Healthcare

Acupressure - $45 hour Acupressure uses traditional Chinese medicine’s meridians and acupoints to treat a variety of illness, remove energy blockages. Like acupuncture, but no needles! Complementary Healthcare Services - $45 / hour $25 half hour* Our Complementary Health therapist uses herbs, nutrition, muscle testing and more to help you meet you where you are with your health needs. Do you have a cold, chronic condition, or are you just confused after your latest visit to your doctor? Our therapist does not replace your doctor, instead by focusing on prevention, you can reduce your need for a doctor. Pay for your initial visit, your follow up visit is free. Ionic Footbath - $25 or 10 pack for $200 Ionic Footbaths are powerful ways to help your body detox. People use the ionic foot bath to: get over a cold, pull metals out of the body, in conjunction with a cleanse, treat headaches, treat colds, treat the flu, get rid of feelings of malaise, treat overconsumption of foods, alcohols, or sugar. Herbalism - $45 hour $25 half hour* Our formally trained herbalist is proficient in the American tradition, the European and Western herbal traditions to help you use herbs, essential oils, and teas safely. Learn how to treat your cold, aches, and pains naturally and effectively. Emotional Freedom Tapping Lotus Life Coaching ‘s Alicia specializes in helping you move past trauma to build a strong, healthy and vibrant life. Using Emotional Freedom Tapping, various points on your body can release pent up trauma and emotion. Holistic Body & Lifestyle Trasformational Coaching Look and feel your best. Nicole studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has a long track record of helping people become the people that they want to be. Using a combination of nutrition, movement and motivation, Nicole’s program will absolutely transform you into the person you want to be. Reflexology - $20 half hour $45 hour Reflexology is a proven modality with clinical trials, clinical studies and major hospitals and institutions offering this treatment modality. Whether you need to relax and destress, cramps due to hormones or other issues, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, pain because of chemo or after chemo, or you just don’t feel good, Reflexology is a gentle and effective modality that anyone can try. Our reflexologists are especially sensitive to those with fibromyalgia. Reiki, Seimei, Reconnective style energy work $65 hour $35 half an hour Reiki, Seimei and Reconnective style energy work can be listed as spiritual touch or non-touch modalities in which the practitioner helps you to heal yourself from the inside out. This modality has been embraced by organizations such as the Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins Hospitals, the Mayo Clinic and is now a mainstream. Feel energized, relaxed, clean. Dream Therapy *- coming soon Dream therapy is based on the idea that our subconscious creates dreams to help troubleshoot concious dilemmas and troubleshoot unconscious problems to lead a healthier and more creative life. This modality is most effective when combined with 2-3 treatments. Hypnosis *- coming soon Hypnosis is a clinically proven, safe modality that can help you overcome hangups , identify unconscious dilemmas and change a behavior. Hypnosis is especially effective to improve self confidence and feelings of self worth. Intake plus 3 sessions plus 3 recorded self hypnosis recordings - $tba Intake plus Tailored self hypnosis recordings - $tba Self Hypnosis recordings -$tbs Past Life Regression Therapy - coming soon - spaces available in March, reserve your place today. $300 for 5 sessions You do not need to believe in Reincarnation. Past Life Therapy (PLT) does not even need hypnosis to work. We think about our past lives as being something before we were born, but our Brain thinks of past lives as situations before the present. PLT is based on the idea that some of our current problems, hangups and issues stem from an unresolved problem in our past, however you wish to define past. The brain might remember the situation exactly or maybe your brain uses archetypes, stories, metaphors to frame, reframe and try to understand the event. By uncovering and decoding these stories, themes, events, that our subconscious pushes forward, we can resolve these issues for a more fulfilling life now and in the future! Spiritual Counseling / Advising by donation Spiritual Counseling helps us tackle life’s big issues. Mental Health counseling helps you focus on good mental health, and mental illness issues. Physical health counseling helps your body be healthy. Spiritual counseling deals with everything else. Who am I, how do I fit into my community, my world and my universe? Is there life after death? What about ghosts? How do I know if I am a good person, or how do I become a good person? Elle has a strong background in Christianity, both protestantism and catholicism. She also has studied eastern religions and religions indigineous to the americas and europe, humanism and the new age movement. Finishing her degree in divinity, she can help you, without judgement, “find that place just right” and help you answer questions for yourself such as, who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? How do I even know what I believe? Who is God? Does God, god, god(s) exist and if so how would if find him/ her/ them? How can I move past fear based theology and build my own relationship with the Divine (If I actually need one)? If I don’t believe in a god, when then? *Sliding Fee Scale available upon request.
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