Past Life Therapy

Elle Hutchins

of Integrative Dynamics Do you suffer from: nightmares - bad habits - headaches recurring illness - do you have trouble relaxing trouble sleeping - do you have reoccurring dreams or nightmares? Do you want to: remember, understand, look back, hope, understand yourself, overcome a problem, address anxiety, recover a memory, find out who you are, find out who you were, learn what will blocks you, and bring a sense of balance, completeness, joy Past Life Therapy is: a natural treatment that can help you in approximately 2-4 visits. Cheap, extremely effective, and interesting a way for you to uncover what your mind is trying to tell you. a look into yourself a way to deal with memories or dreams. Past Life Therapy is not a trick a substitute for a visit with your doctor and it does not matter if you do not actually believe in reincarnation There are several types of memories, but only one place where past life therapy memories come from: You. Whether or not your believe in reincarnation is irrelevant. Past life therapy draws on memories. Your memories. Every you moved, changed jobs, changed schools, ever chapter in your life is part of the life of your past. Past life regression is not about “clinically regressing you to a mental state, it is about entering the part of your mind in which you store all, ALL of your memories. Perhaps you are just curious, or perhaps you really want to understand what your memories have to do with problems in your present. If you are looking to make your current life, your Present life better, then dealing with the problems lingering from the past, whether it is when you were 17 or 7 or someone else completely. That is truly good use of your time. What, Why, How can it help? Past Life Therapy usually starts with an intention (objective). Whether you want to find more joy, understand a relationship with a family member, uncover the reason for repeating dreams, or overcome a problem, Past Life Therapy will use your objective, your intention, to direct your mind to choose the place it needs to go in order to show you what it is that you need to know. Memories we visit may come from: A memory of a chapter in this life A dream A construct created by your mind to protect yourself or help you understand a problem that you cannot currently resolve in a less painful way - a metaphorical Something else entirely - cryptomnesia possibly the distant past What to expect? During the first session, you will fill out some paperwork, and talk with your Past Life facilitator / hypnotist to clarify the objective (or intention). Whether you want to overcome an anxiety, change a behavior, remember your dreams, or just get to know yourself, you and your hypnotist will talk for 15- 30 minutes, then you will undergo past life therapy. You will leave with a recording that runs about 30 minutes for you to listen to each day. You will also be asked to keep track of your dreams in a dream journal. The next day, you will be able to download a digital recording of your session. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th visit, you and your facilitator will talk for a few minutes to discuss how things went, then you will have another past life experience. After the 4th session, you will have a total of 5 recordings. 4 recordings will be of the sessions you experienced, and the recording of a past life meditation. How long does it take? 2-4 sessions lasting approximately an hour each What does it cost? Individual Sessions run $75 per hour 4 Session Package - $200 Testimonials Has Past Life Therapy with Elle Hutchins helped you? Send your testimonial to Elle Hutchins of Integrative Dynamics practices at Sage Center in La Grande and Affirmative Touch in Baker City contact her by Facebook Messenger, or call 541-605-0755